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Mind Body Spirit Wellness is committed to helping clients achieve and maintain physical, emotional and spiritual well being in order to create a sense of balance and quality of life. We create customized wellness protocols for clients, designed to transform every area of life. We see you, our clients, as whole, complete, capable individuals and at the source of your own well being. As your wellness partners, we value your ability to make informed decisions regarding your health, however, you may not have the answers and the access to that pathway. As your provider and coach, we unlock that access, providing you with insight to your wellness blind spot(s). Then, through coaching, action steps, and behavior training, you as the client are empowered to create a healthy lifestyle that works for you, leaving you happy and with a greater overall experience of health and life.

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Meet The Team

Mind Body Spirit Wellness Center Owner

Dr. Katherine Igah-Phillips, MD, MHA

Katherine Igah-Phillips, MD, affectionately known as Dr. K., is an award-winning personal development coach, international speaker and best-selling author. With over a decade of experience, Dr. K. notably enlightens on the power behind mental, spiritual, and physical harmony coupled with lifestyle optimization and true self-care. As the owner and CEO of one of Atlanta, GA’s most renowned Integrative Medicine Practices (Mind Body Spirit Wellness Center), Dr. K. is able to provide a space for more authentic healing incorporating a seamless integration of natural healing options with convention medicine.

Dr. K. is also able to maximize her aptitude as a medical intuitive through her virtual coaching program (Elevate with Dr. K.), where she creates and holds the space for personal development, elevation of consciousness, powerful manifesting and purpose discovery so that people can reclaim their authoritative power and flow in their divine truth. Many take a deeper dive into Dr. K.’s insight and teachings through her best-selling book, entitled “No Time to Waste”.

Dr. K. is honored to sit on the board for very influential and distinguished organizations:
– DoTERRA International Medical Advisory Board
– African Women’s Cancer Awareness Association (AWCAA) Honorary Board Member for both Atlanta & Maryland Chapters
– Community Holistic Advanced Practice Nurses (CHAPN)



Mind Body Spirit Wellness Medical Director

Dr. Candace Walker, MD

Dr. Walker is a graduate of Tuskegee University and the University of Louisville School of Medicine and will be joining the MBS Wellness Center team as the new Medical Director. She is Board Certified in Family Medicine, and has special interests in Functional and Integrative Medicine.

Front Office Assistant

Diani Ellison

Diani is responsible for managing the patient flow of the practice by responding to all forms of communication coming into the practice, executing administrative tasks, initiating patient visits with a genuine check in and concluding their appointments with a detailed check out. She is chiefly responsible for coordinating the schedule of the practice, and ensuring that all patient (and potential patient) needs are always met. Diani has devoted about a year of her time towards Integrative Medicine and holistic healing.

Back Office Assistant

Jai Mills

Jai is responsible for managing the patient flow of the practice by physically assisting patients during their office visits and therapy sessions, pleasantly greeting and escorting patients to their appropriate exam rooms and collecting their vitals signs. She is chiefly responsible for coordinating the patient experience of the practice, ensuring that all patients receive utmost comfort and concierge service. Jai has devoted about two years of her time towards Integrative Medicine and holistic healing.

Social Media Manager

Alexis McFall

Alexis is responsible for managing Mind Body Spirit Wellness Center’s presence on social media. She is chiefly responsible for coordinating the release of pertinent practice details and updates, promotion of practice-sponsored events and specials, and general wellness education via our social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In, Tik Tok and Newsletter/Email List. Alexis has devoted about six years of her time towards Integrative Medicine and holistic healing.

Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions about MBS Wellness Center

What should be expected within the initial consultation?

At Mind Body Spirit Wellness Center, the initial consultation is our first real face-to-face encounter. Within this valuable meeting, you will be able to spend a full hour with your practitioner, asking all questions and expressing all concerns you have about your current state of wellness. Within this appointment, the practitioner will take a detailed dive into your full medical history, social history and various aspects of your lifestyle. The practitioner will also order labs in order to construct your customized protocol/next treatment steps and supplement therapy.

Can this practice serve as one's primary care facility?

Mind Body Spirit Wellness Center is an Integrative Medicine practice, meaning we consider both natural and conventional medicine with each case (drawing from the best of both worlds). Due to the fact that we operate in this way, Mind Body Spirit Wellness Center can definitely serve as a primary care facility for those interested in having a practitioner who will evaluate and treat them holistically along with incorporating natural treatment options.

Which insurance companies (if any) are accepted at the practice?

Due to the natural and holistic nature of our services, insurance generally will not cover them on the front end. So, while we do not bill to insurance, we can issue you a super bill after you pay for your consultations/therapies that you can submit to your insurance company for a full or partial reimbursement (depending on your benefits package with that company).

Also, in our continued efforts to have affordable healthcare in lieu of insurance not covering our services, we do offer package deals, payment plans and third party financing (www.blispay.com/mbswellness). We also accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) – both of these will cover all services and supplement products offered within the practice.

Can one speak with the doctor before coming in for the initial consultation?

Yes! If you still have questions that have not yet been addressed by this website or an MBS Wellness Center team member via email or phone, you may speak directly with the doctor. We offer this courtesy 20-minute phone consultation for those interested in coming in for the first time. Simply give us a call and request your free Pre-Appointment Phone Consultation for a call from the doctor to answer your questions/concerns before scheduling your initial consultation!