Conventional Medicine uses labs to screen for disease. Once disease is established (such as diabetes or autoimmune disease), the damage is significant. However, Integrative Medicine uses lab testing to catch a health trend that is on the way to disease but can still be delayed, stopped, or reversed. Functional lab testing can also help you track the progress of your protocol, which will motivate you to stick with your protocol.

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Functional lab testing can show you the underlying cause of your symptoms, even if you don’t have symptoms!

Food Sensitivity Testing. If a food item you eat regularly causes inflammation within your body, this could contributes to many different chronic health conditions. Our testing differentiates between a food allergy and a food sensitivity. Then, within the food allergies, we can pinpoint whether it is immediate onset or a delayed onset.

Gut Testing. Gut problems are one of the leading contributors to chronic health conditions and a compromised immune system. Tests can screen for leaky gut, gut function, parasites, bacterial overgrowth, and autoimmune reactions.

Blood Chemistry Panel. This panel is a foundational starting point of any lab testing, but in Integrative Medicine, the interpretation of its results includes the use of functional lab ranges and trends (versus typical lab ranges).

Nutritional Evaluation. This nutrient assessment evaluates every vitamin, mineral and antioxidant in your body. It will reveal whether you are in excess, deficient or within normal range. Any and all nutrient imbalances can be managed with our Nutrient IV Therapy and high-quality supplement products.

Adrenal Testing. Testing the integrity of your adrenal glands reveals the relationship between your health and how you handle chronic stress. With adrenal fatigue being common in today's society, it is imperative that this condition be identified, managed and prevented if possible.

Hormone Testing. Hormone imbalances profoundly affect your health. Testing screens for hormone excesses, deficiencies and an overall look at how well you metabolize hormones. Once identified, any imbalances can be corrected with our bio-identical hormone balancing program.