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Acupuncture is a method of treatment in which very thin needles are inserted into specific points on the body that are determined by the practitioners’ evaluation of your condition. Acupuncture works because the needles that are placed cause a release of hormones and chemicals in the body that help to balance your body’s condition.

Acupuncture treats a variety of conditions many times improving and sometimes completely alleviating the problem, and can be used with adults and children. Children under the age of 6 typically will receive acupressure rather than needle acupuncture. Below are a list of different types of problems that acupuncture can potentially improve or cure.

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    Interrupt Stress, Increase Energy,
    Reload Peace of mind

    What To Expect

    Sessions generally consist of initial consultation (first visit) followed by a series of 30-45 minute session of actual acupuncture. At the midpoint of the treatment Dr. Clairborne re-evaluates your conditions noting changes that might need to be made in treatment regimen. During the process nutrition, herbal supplementation, or lifestyle may be discussed in order to optimize your total well-being.

    Typically before there is any treatment, there is a full evaluation by your doctor or acupuncturist. The style of assessment that is done by the acupuncturist is slightly different using methods like looking at the tongue and assessing the pulse more thoroughly to determine the best points to use for your condition.
    You should wear loose and comfortable clothing when preparing to have acupuncture. In some cases, the doctor may need you to partially disrobe to access some parts of the body for needle insertion. In these cases a robe is usually offered for modesty.

    Your Acupuncture Session

    Acupuncture is generally not painful, however there may be some areas that are more sensitive than others.A treatment session usually lasts from 30-45 minutes although they can last up to an hour. During you will be situated in a comfortable position (most times lying). The doctor may come and stimulate the needle occasionally. Some practitioners use music to help relax you during treatment. Treatments are usually done once to twice a week to see the best results.As a general rule you can expect to feel better after a treatment. Some people however feel nothing after the first treatment. It typically takes 4-6 treatments to determine whether acupuncture will be effective for you.

    People with acute injuries or illness will experience the most dramatic results sometimes having complete resolution after only one treatment. People with more long-standing conditions may experience slow improvement, may require more sessions, and may need maintenance treatments once in awhile.

    If after a treatment you feel worse or experience any bad side effects, please notify your practitioner immediately. Sometimes with acupuncture a condition will get worse before it gets better, however it is always better to be safe.