Personal Breakthrough Session

Why a Personal Breakthrough session?

Have you ever been in a situation where you sometimes believed in yourself and other times you didn’t? Do you ever feel like you are not moving forwards in your life and feel ‘stuck in a rut’? Perhaps you are having relationship problems with partners/family/friends? Maybe you want to do something in life and lack the confidence to do it? Or you may feel unfulfilled and lacking purpose and direction? Wouldn’t it be useful to you to drop any issues and ‘baggage’ that are holding you back and take on a host of new positive beliefs that enable you to move towards the life you want, with happiness, purpose and fulfillment? Would you like to change your life completely for the better now? Do you desire to live the life you’ve always dreamt of?


You can, now, with a Personal Breakthrough Session that will give you the tools to live a life full of happiness, joy, fulfillment, clarity, direction, motivation and purpose and enable you to tap into your inner potential. Wouldn’t that be the best investment you’ve ever made?


What is a Personal Breakthrough session?

Personal Breakthrough Session

A Personal Breakthrough Session is a unique session which has been tailored specifically for you. The aim of this session is to get a full view of what you are dealing with so that we can fully equip you with the tools to allow you to let go of negative emotional baggage, hindering and limiting beliefs that have held you back. By participating in the breakthrough session, you will begin so see the possibilities of what it will take to develop true self-confidence, self-acceptance, total health, inner balance, inner peace, happiness and a sense of direction and motivation.

A Personal Breakthrough Session consists of a variety of techniques that are very different to traditional counseling or coaching methods. During the this Session you will be asked a selection of specific questions to enable me to understand the old problem and to let me know what we will need to do to have your problem disappear. Then I design the content of the entire program customized especially for what you are dealing with using a variety of holistic modalities and techniques.

How does a Breakthrough Session work?

A session is generally 40 minutes, and is the beginning of an entire program in which you will experience a transformation in mental, emotion, and physical well-being. After the consultation we immediately begin our work together, delving into all aspects of your health aimed out achieving the results that you expressed a desire for in our initial (breakthrough) session. You will be assigned a homework task usually prior to our first consultation after the breakthrough session.

The beauty of this session is that you get a preview of what it could look and feel like to let go of any ways of being that have been holding you back, we will create a partnership in formulating exciting new goals using precise language and your customized designed formula that your unconscious mind understands to enable you to have whatever you want!


What does life after a Personal Breakthrough Session Look Like?

Imagine going into the future where your life is transformed, you feel empowered, confident and happy and have a sense of clarity and look forward to the future? That sounds good doesn’t it? It’s almost like a refurbishment of a house or a gardener digging out those weeds from the root up from a garden and planting new fresh seeds that will sprout into something amazing.  That is just the beginning.



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