Katherine Igah-Phillips, M.D., M.H.A.

Dr. Katherine Igah-Phillips works within the realm of Integrative Medicine as a Holistic Wellness Coach. As founder and CEO of Returning to Nature, LLC., she has nationally and internationally influenced, educated, and coached on the importance of mental, spiritual, and physical wellness.

Dr. Igah-Phillips began her journey to becoming a doctor at Kent State University, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in the concentrations of Biology, Pre-Medicine/Chemistry, and Psychology. She went on to complete her Master’s Degree at Walden University, in the concentration of Healthcare Administration, graduating in the top five percentile of her class. Dr. Igah-Phillips ventured on to complete her Medical Degree at Xavier University School of Medicine, where she again graduated with honors (Suma Cum Laude and President’s List).

While in medical school, Dr. Igah-Phillips was confronted by the excessive emphasis on the use of side effect-ridden pharmaceuticals to manage disease. This was also coupled with an alarming absence of addressing the underlying cause of the patient’s ailment, rather than merely silencing symptoms. Immediately upon graduation, she began exploring the world of natural medicine through a total of 3.5 years of mind-altering post-graduate training in Integrative Medicine with Integrative Family Medicine Physician Dr. Maiysha Clairborne and Naturopathic Physician Dr. Winston Cardwell within their respective Atlanta-based practices. Dr. Igah-Phillips also pursued further life transformational work through Landmark Education, with the completion of their Curriculum for Living and 12-week Integrity Seminar.


As a result of this extensive training, Dr. Igah-Phillips is responsible for founding Returning to Nature, LLC. in the Spring of 2013; and organizing her first Holistic health Expo in the summer of 2013. Returning to Nature was initially established as a movement designed to create awareness around the world of integrative and holistic wellness, with the intent of causing a transformation in our current state of health care. As a seasoned speaker, Dr. Igah-Phillips has been invited to present wellness lectures and webinars, make special guest appearances at local health fairs and community health functions, and has been featured on wellness radio and talk shows under the umbrella of Returning to Nature, LLC.


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